We want every meal that's been eaten with us to be a collection of different feelings. Here's the chance to enjoy a night out on live music accompaniment, laugh at a friends company at a cocktail, or enjoy a romantic dinner in solitude. With us, everyone will find food that suits both taste and appropriate occasion.

Feast for belly and soul

Fresh and rich Latvian food.

You can always enjoy rich Latvian food in the Kantes. Our chefs take care of customers' taste warts and soul through their food.

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Beautiful wooden building, for everyone along the way.

Kante's  is on Miera Street, which will be on the way for every traveller heading towards Riga. Our beautiful wooden building will be hard to miss, so we invite everyone to visit us to properly pamper their belly before setting off.

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We're open 7 days a week.

We know the importance of having a proper meal, so our staff will take care of your wellness throughout the week. Allowing us to enjoy our delicious foods whenever your heart craves.

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Our job is to create a meal that will not only fill every customer's stomach, but also create different feelings. For another, our food resembles a taste of childhood, for another it's comfort in something familiar and known. We make sure our customers want to come back to us, so every customer we have is special to us.

A meal that fills your stomach and heart.